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Friday Night Lights

I am from a small town; I bet it is not on Google Maps yet. I grew up knowing everybody in the town. My family has a ranch, and this meant that I learnt how to get my hands dirty early. I loved to play in the pig’s mud pits, and momma would get cross with me for bring mud in...

Job Interview

Job Interview My name is Alice, and I just turned 18 this year. I had looked forward to this day for the past three years, and I felt the grip my parents loosen. I have always been a good girl, but good girls want to do bad things occasionally before they grow old and wrinkly...

My Gym Teacher and I

I have always been a straight As kind of student and was the envy of most of my classmates. Unfortunately, I was not good at sports, and I hated gym class. This always got me in trouble since no one ever picked me for their dodge ball team, and the gym teacher always snapped...

My Second First Time

My parents had the perfect relationship, at least in my eyes. They had many public displays of affection, and this would gross me out. However, it shaped my opinion of true love. This is until mom cheated on dad with the pool boy, and their relationship...

The Milkman Is Late

Ever since I was a child, we had always had the culture of having tea in the afternoon, and it was a joy to get the family around the table for tea, biscuits, and a bit of fun. Mark was the milk delivery man, and he passed brought milk to our house by 2 pm..